Sound Balls

       Sound Balls is an exploration of how people can create sound using a set of smart balls. I set out to create a non-traditional method of sound generation the blends digital and analog elements in the form of a new audio toy. By manipulating a set of smart balls, users convert real world action into a fluid sound-scape that affords play and exploration as users learn the rules of the system while interacting with it. The balls themselves have unique attributes in both their hardware and the way the information from them is converted into sound, and the system as a whole has two unique modes of interaction: Free Form and Singing Bowl. The information is gathered from each ball by an implanted micro-controller and sent wirelessly to a computer where it is interpreted in order to create the sound.

Design Document: Here
Base Station Arduino Code: Here
Ball Transmitter Arduino Code: Here
Transmitter Wiring Diagram: Here
Reciever openFrameworks Code: Here
SuperCollider Code: Here